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The Stamp Award Program takes place during General Conference. Each member country may enter one postage stamp in the following six categories: intaglio stamp, gravure stamp, offset stamp, combination stamp, multiple issue , most unique or innovative.

The host country sends the books of stamps before the Conference to all countries so that members can evaluate the stamps.

Eligible Stamps must have been issued from January 1 of the two years previous to the year in which the General Conference will be held to December 31 of the previous to the year in which general meeting will be held. Stamps produced but not publicly issued during this two-year period are not eligible. The country whose entry receives the highest points in a category becomes the winner of the category. The Regularity Award will be given to the country that gains the highest total points in all six categories, after excluding the category winners. Each representative will vote by writing the name of his/her country on the ballot, and then the names of three contestant countries for each of the six categories. No one is permitted to vote for his/her own country.

13th GPSPC in Brazil, Stamp Award Program

SAP GPSPA Guidelines 2014

16 th - 2016 Germany15th - 2014 PR of China14th - 2012 Portugal13th - 2010 Brazil12th - 2008 Algeria11th - 2006 PR of China10th - 2004 Poland9th - 2002 Korea8th - 2000 Italy7th - 1998 USA6th - 1996 Germany5th - 1994 Japan4th - 1992 Spain3rd - 1989 France2nd - 1987 USA1st - 1986 USA
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