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Best stamps
Best Intaglio stamp - Czech Republic
Title of the stamp(s): Antonin Slavicek (1870-1910): Autumn in Veltrusy, 1896; General features: Yearly issue art on Stamps is devoted to the best works in Czech galleries; Explanation: A. Slavicek was one of the representatives of Czech impressionism in landscape painting; Printing process and color(s): five colors intaligo; Date of issue: 5th November 2003; Quantity of issue: 232.000 stamps; Engraver: Vaclav Fajt
Best Gravure Stamp - Poland
Title of the stamp(s): Europe; General features: Stamp size 40,5 x 54mm, Sheet of 35 stamps; Explanation: In 2003 the Europe emission stamps dealt with the issue of posters. Polish posters are highly valued all over the world, while Polish artists are believed to be amongst the worlds leaders in this field. This specific type of portrait, which cannot be found anywhere outside the Polish culture, is to do with the Polish funeral custom. It used to be painted on a sheet of metal shaped like a hexagon or an octagon, resembling section of a coffin. It used to be placed on the top of the coffin standing on a catafalque, and after the funeral, the picture it was hung in the church or in the crypt. Printing process and color(s): 5 colors gravure; Date of issue: 5th May 2003;Quantity of issue: 1.360.000 stamps; Designer: Wiesław Wałkuski.
Best Combination Stamp - Austria
Title of the stamp(s): Gustav Klimt, Judith and Holoferne; General features: Stamp size 26.8 x 45 mm, Block size 80 x 100 mm ; Perforation 13 ½ x 13 ¾ on 2 cm, Block of 1 stamp, Denomination Euro 2.70; Explanation: This issue is the beginning of a series of “Austrian Galleries”. Gustav Klimt was a founder member of the Secession in Vienna. The Austrian painting was decisively marked by his art. Klimt’s series “Judith and Holeforne” is based on an ancient story. The painting is displayed in the Austrian Gallery in the Belvedere Palace. Printing process and color(s): 5 colors photogravure plus, one color intaligo; Date of issue: 10th October 2003; Quantity of issue: 500.000 blocks; Designer/Engraver: Prof. Wolfgang Seidel.
Best Offset Stamp - Poland
Title of the stamp(s): Historic steam engine; General features: Stamp size 51 x 31,25mm, Sheet of 20 stamps; Explanation: Lovers of historic steam engines refer to Wolsztyn as the steam El Dorado of Europe. Every year at the beginning of May tey come in flocks to the Great Steam Show. The passenger steam engine 01 49-7.was built in 1949 at the Fablok- Chrzanów facility. It was being manufactured until 1954. Currently it is the most often used steam engine in the Wolsztyn steam engine depot, it is used for the towing of passenger trains. Printing process and color(s): 6 colours offset; Date of issue: 21st September 2002; Quantity of issue: 4.100.000; Designer: Jacek Brodowski.
Best Multiple Issue - France, Spain
Title of the stamp(s): World heritage; General features: This issue is devoted to the Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez (a Royal village in the region of Madrid) and to the Mudejar Art of Aragon (North region of Spain). This series is presented in mini-sheet including six stamps: one is in double format, and five vignettes with no postal value. Explanation: Aranjuez is located at 50 km south from Madrid city, by the confluence of the Tajo and Jarama rivers. The microclimate prevailing in the area, the fertility of the lands and the abundance of waters, made Aranjuez a place of repose for the Spanish kings since the period of Catholic Kings. But the first great impulse to embellish Aranjuez was promoted by initiative King Felipe II who ordered to channel waters and to implement irrigation systems that made possible the creation of beautiful ornamental and vegetable gardens. UNESCO declared Aranjuez a Cultural Landscape of World Heritage in December of 2001. Printing process and color(s): Four-color Gravure; Date of issue: 8th of November of 2002; Quantity of issue: 1,200,000; Designer: Adaptation by Pedro Sanchez.

Title of the stamp(s): Saint-Valentine; General features: Rose symbolizes a woman. Rose Torrente whose in cessant daily dream was to clothe women and show them at their best. Rose is also a celebration, that of Saint-Valentine, which adds a sparkle in many a girl’s eye, which powders the cheeks and colors the sentiments. Printing process and color(s): 4 colors gravure; Date of issue: January 13th, 2003; Quantity of issue: 6 million sheets; Designer/Engraver: Torrente.
Most Unique or Innovative Stamp - Peoples Republ
Title of the stamp(s): Chinese Legends- The Story of Butterfly Lovers (booklet); General features: the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai is a widely-known love story in China, and reputed as the Chinese version of “Romeo and Juliet”; Explanation: The design and printing technique of this stamp is innovated along with the embossed and golden-foiled cover to enhance the art impression and visual elegance. The light color gives prominence to the grace of the design. The beautiful words and pictures printed on the margin outside of the stamp give a better winningness of the love story. Printing process and color(s): Photogravure, six colors; Date of issue: October 18, 2003; Quantity of issue: 5.5 million booklets; Painter: Liu Jingui; Designer: Wang Huming
Intaglio is also a branch of gravure printing. This is an enhancement on copper engravings (15th century). The steel graving stencils are made by hand by a skilled artist etcher. Currently, this technique is used to print banknotes and a number of stamps.
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