Thursday, 9 July 2020
The 14th GPSPA Conference will be held in Portugal in Septemper, 2012

INCM, the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, will host the 14th biennial meeting of the Government Postage Stamp Printers Association from 24th to 27th September 2012.

Delegates will come to Lisbon to share and compare experiences and to explore new perspectives and opportunities concerning stamp printing industry. The organization of the conference is already on its way preparing a program that will allow an open discussion and presentation of the most important projects of every country in the last two years.
With already confirmed delegates from Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Poland, Spain, Portugal, as the host country, and more to come, this will be a broad group that will take part in a joint search for the future of postage stamp and development trends, fulfilling the objectives of the GPSPA created 26 years ago to facilitate communication and information exchange for postage stamp manufacturers worldwide.

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