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2-6 November 2008

In November 2008 members of GPSPA and delegates of the industry suppliers met in Algiers on the 12th Conference.

The program of the Conference included presentation of technical papers,  business meetings and Steering Committee meetings as well as some entertainment activities. The issues raised during the Conference mainly referred to laser engraving, anti-counterfeiting techniques and materials, self-adhesive stamp paper as well as  analysis of the stamp market and competition on the stamp market.
The Steering Committee advised the Members to accept Nigeria as a member of GPSPA and introduce some amendments to the Bylaws relaxing the criteria of membership in GPSPA as well as amendments to Stamp Award Program. The proposals have been accepted by the Members. The amended Bylaws will be available on GPSPA website as soon as the Steering Committee approves the final version of changes. The Members decided that Brazil will be the host country of the 13th  Conference. Consequently, the representative of Brazil is the current Chairman of GPSPA.

The regulatory Stamp Award was given to Sweden. The category awards were give as follows:
The Best Intaglio Stamp - Spain
The Best Gravure Stamp - China
The Best Offset Stamp - Algeria
The Best Combination Stamp - Spain
The Best Multiple Issue Stamp - Poland
The Most Unique or Innovative Stamp – Korea

The awarded stamps are available here.

Apart of business meetings and paper presentations participants of the 12th Conference have the unique opportunity to enjoy the Algerian culture and hospitality. Especially the one-day Sahara tour will remain unforgettable for all of the Conference delegates.

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