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18-21 September - WIPA 2008

430 exhibitors presented their philatelic treasures at the 2008 Vienna International Postage Stamp Exhibition. The exhibits of the Austrian State Printing House OESD proved to be a veritable drawing card attracting large audiences.

The many postal companies represented at the Fair displayed a keen interest in the exhibits and ideas, with dealers admiring the rare items shown such as the UEFA EURO 2008 European Championships Stamp adorned with Swarovski crystals or a scented stamp from Qatar. Philatelists loved the chance to use an old star press to produce their own prints. Above all, the exhibition on "Decorated Stamps of OeSD" and the depiction of the process involved in "How a Stamp Is Produced" proved extremely popular.

"For the Austrian State Printing House, the future of the stamp has only just begun," said CEO Reinhart Gausterer, "as we have been focusing on the production of top-quality artistic stamps for the domestic and international markets for years now:" Together with the Austrian Post Of-fice and Xerox, a "My Stamp Street" was set up offering thousands of visitors the unique chance to purchase a self-adhesive stamp featuring their own portrait.

The extensive and attractive event schedule culminated in a “Gautschfeier” (book printers old tradition to acquit themselves from sin) presented by OeSD. Close to 700 invitees and visitors were enthralled by the venerable custom of book printers.

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